Hallo Africa and the Rest of The World

Welcome to our website. This is my first contribution during the construction of our TeSito website and it is not fully  identical with the German version. To you in Africa I have different message as to the German speaking people.

Bantaba – Was is that. Well it belongs to Africa and it belongs now to my culture too:

The name “Bantaba” is derived from the word for a large tree, which is called Bentennie in the Mandinka language and is a traditional meeting place for the men of the village. The origins of the word is from the Mandinka for tree which is “Bant” and “aba” means “where to meet” and so the 2 words combined says Bant-aba.

Early in Gambian history a big tree formed the basis and foundation of the village. Due to its natural shade it became an obvious meeting place for men to get out of the stifling sun and heat of their huts during the day. This is where they discussed issues that were pertinent to the village such as ceremonies or communal works.

The tree is sometimes known as a gathering tree. (Source: http://www.accessgambia.com/information/bantaba.html)

On the picture you see around 20 Gambian women, all working very hard on the ricefield, trying to make a living.  But year after year their situation is deteriorating. I gave them the promise I would not let them alone. They are leading women cooperations, behind of each of them are around 50 to 100 women.

But I have to wait until the ministry of agriculture has signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

If I could check and improve a tool making noice chasing away the weverbirds, we could increase 20% of the harvest of rice. If I could found the TeSito Machinery Cooperation, borrowing machines to the farmers, so that they could use riceplanting machines, harvester like the crop tiger of Claas,  this would make to work so much easier, that we would fullfill the national development plan concerning rice soon. It would create a lot of high valued jobs for young people.

What do I need from you Gambian people?  I need more positive thinking young men and women.  I need your social engagement for your country. I need a team who is willing to be bond servants and start being very creative. I know that God has given you all the gifts and talent to do so.

To you Gambian in the diaspora: I encourage you to come back. We from TeSito help you to start your future in Gambia, either with founding an enterprise or by becoming a  part of an project or buy helping you to fullfill your dreams. We’ll open an employment bureau soon.

What do I need from the rest of the world? I need your money and if you like your engagement in The Gambia too, becoming a part of our team.

I need your money.  As soon as I have 200.000 € together I could already start to realize the TeSito Machinery Cooperation. 80% of it we would used to buy the machines and  20% to restore the buildings and the workshop, which we could get. We have the knowledge how do do and we have enough people willing to help us doing all this hard work with joy and fun.

Hallo Gambia and the Rest of the World here in this bantaba your are all sitting in circle around my virtuell mangotree. You know now my problem, now it is your turn, help us. Each donation, each single Euro, Dollar, Pound and Dalasi is highly welcome. Be our wise counselor helping us with words and deeds.

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