Transparency is important to us

TeSito Providential DEVELOPMENTS gemeinnützige UG and the operator of is committed to be an example of good governance  ethical practice and openness to greater transparency. By this we are commited to advancing  accountability, integrity and transparency in the countries we are working in and serving for their development. We have signed the statement of our commitment of transparency according to the  Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft of Transparency International.

The guiding idea of is to give you in its pages knowledge about all what we are planing to do and what we are implementing. We want to give you insight in total as much  as it is possible.  We provide you with full transparency especially about the donations we are getting.   In Westafrica, in The Gambia we want to give young people long term perspectives showing and offering them chances to grasp in order to enable them building up their own persistent existence.  In Germany we want to enable the in diaspora living Gambians  to return to their homecountry with honor and respect contributing to the welfare of Gambia and making a good living there too.  We’ll focusing on establishing  and fostering scillcenters and on creating job opportunities.  Therfore we are collecting donations, gaining volunteer for development help. We shall inform the public in The Gambia as well  in Germany about it, encouraging many for social engagement in The Gambia.  Therefore it is mandatory for us to tell you from where we get the money and how we shall invest it in our projects und who are the decision makers.

Here we provide you with those informations about TeSito Providential DEVELOPMENTS gemeinnützige UGrecommended according to the recommendation of the Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft.

Information of TeSito Providential DEVELOPMENTS gemeinnützige UG according to the framework of the   Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft.

The movement of Transparency Deutschland consisting of people of the society and science has defined basic items which should be made accesable to the public by all organizations of the civil society.  We are joining them.

Our commitment

We, TeSito Providential DEVELOPMENTS gemeinnützige UG , are commiting us according to the framework  of the Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft, to deliver the following informations to the public. We make them easy to find on our website. They can be received by mail, email and other electronic tools tool too if wished.

1. Name, Place, Address, Founding Year
Name: TeSito Providential DEVELOPMENTS gemeinnützige UG
Place: Müllheim im Markgräflerland
Addresse: Brunnenstraße 44, 79379 Müllheim
Founding Year: 2018

2. Charter And Information About The Goals Of Our Organization.
TeSito Providential DEVELOPMENTS gemeinnützige UG wants to enspire everyone to engage themself in  the building up of Gambia and Westafrica. We want that the coming generations of Westafrica can find a worth living condition having a homeland there.

Here you can read and download our charter in german.

3. Information About Tax Shelter

The Cooperation is registered at tax authority  Finanzamt Müllheim and holds the taxnumber  12180/59797. She  is recognised by the authorities in Germany, where it is based, as supporting non profitable, charitable, beneficient and ecclesiastic purposes because she is contributing to the development help in The Gambia  and the voluntary return of refugees. She is authorized to issue donation receipts.

(Die Gesellschaft fördert gemeinnützige, kirchliche und mildtätige Zwecke im Sinne der §§ 52ff AO und berechtigt Zuwendungsbestätigungen auszustellen.)

The cooperation will pursue exclusively and directly non-profit making goals in accordance with the paragraph “Purposes entitled to tax relief” (steuerbegünstigte Zwecke) of the German Tax Code (Abgabenordnung).

The cooperation will act altruistically; its primary motive is not profit-oriented.

The funds of the cooperation may only be used for the stated purposes of the cooperation pursuant to this Charter. Members of the cooperation shall not, in that capacity, receive allocations from cooperation funds. No individual may benefit from these funds through expenditure which is not in line with the purpose of the cooperation, or through disproportionately high remuneration.

Should the cooperation be dissolved, or when the tax exemption status is revoked, the assets of the Society are to be used for purposes exempt from taxation in accordance with Article 2. Decisions on the transfer of assets must be approved by the Tax Office for Incorporated Bodies (Finanzamt für Körperschaften).

Bescheid des Finanzamtes nach §60a Abs. 1 AO über die gesonderte Feststellung der Einhaltungen der satzungsgemäßigen Vorraussetzungen nach den §§ 51,59,60, und 61 AO

4. Name And Function Of The Main Decession Makers

Samuel Gebert, MBA – Founder, unsalaried CEO
Susanne Seywald – Founder , Director TeSito Employment Bureau

5. Annual Statement of Accounts,  Balance Sheet Report
The purpose of the cooperation is to collect national and international donations in all kind of forms like money, allowance in kind,  job performance. This will be used for development projects in The Gambia. All will be invested  according to the charter as non profitable, charitable and ecclesiastic aid. We cannot have any annual statement or report, because the cooperation has jsut been founded reacently.  We recommend to order and read our  newsletter.

6. Employmentstruture
In the moment no one is employed. It is planned to hire and educate personal in The Gambia for the Tesito Employment Office as clerical assistants. The main decisson makers are working without getting any salary. It is planned to engage them in fulltime, as soon as the CEO can get supported according to the german law of development helper (Entwicklungshelfer-Gesetz (EhfG), and as soon we can get public funds for the Tesito Employment Bureau in order to hire  the director.

7. Declaration of sources of funds
We can supply a detailed declaration at the end of the fiscial year in the first quarter of 2019. Anyhow we inform on our website about all receipts of funds.

8. Application of funds
We can supply a detailed declaration at the end of the fiscial year in the first quarter of 2019. Anyhow we inform on our website about all expenditure.

9. Relationship to third parties.
In the moment the cooperation is holding no shares at other enterprises. I is planned to have shares in those companies and startups which  are supported and advised by the cooperation. The first enterprise which will be supported is TeSito Fruit Processing Enterprise in Darsilami

10. Name of persons and institutions  who are contributing over ten percent to the all over budget.
Right now, it cannot mentioned any one, because the cooperation has been founded recently. We can supply a detailed declaration at the end of the fiscial year in the first quarter of 2019.

Date of issue of the statement: 31.05.2018