About Us

if we are asked why we engage in The Gambia, the answer is not easy because we can not give it clearly. Everyone who works for TeSito works voluntarily. Some, because they got to know Gambians through the refugee work and thus are interested in Gambia; others because they had to experience that a Gambian voluntarily or involuntarily returned to The Gambia and they want to support them further. Some had no relation to The Gambia at first, they were looking for a meaningful task and want to bring their professional experience somewhere and have found it here. There are also those who have come to know and love Gambia through a holiday and now simply want to help. There are many explanations for why we are involved in The Gambia. Some are only there for a project, some take care of just one person, a child, or a family. Everyone is always welcome to participate, even if it would only be possible once. There is always something to do and you can always contact us. What they all have in common is the hope that they can contribute a little bit to the positive development of The Gambia and that they can encourage the Gambians to stay in their country and build it up. You get involved more and less depending on how much time you have. Samuel Gebert, as honorary managing director, can work part-time for TeSito on a daily basis, otherwise he works part-time as an honorary lecturer in sales and marketing. Emblematic of all those involved, we have put a picture here having women in focus from a larger place at Serrekunda. We all are such people  longing for more happiness in our life.Bundungwomen

In our planning, communicating and acting, we orient ourselves on the following values, which we take from the Jewish-Christian image of man:

  1. Every human being, regardless of religious affiliation, tribal affiliation, skin color, education, social status and sex, receives from us the same respect, the same appreciation and the same treatment as we wish for ourselves.
  2. We are reliable, which means that we only promise what we are able to realize and maintain. We make clear what a promise statement is and what an intent statement is. What we intend to do means that, while we do everything in our power to realize it, we can not be absolutely sure that we will succeed in doing so. In declarations of intent, we also define what will make us stop our efforts.
  3. We are honest with everyone we deal with. We talk openly about the problems and risks that we can recognize. We are open for feedback and we are ready to learn from our mistakes and to use the insights to optimize our actions.
  4. We are friendly to each other. We learn to pay attention to the cultural differences in our communication and help each other understand each other better.
  5. We want to do our best. This means that we review our work, our projects, our projects and our activities. At scheduled intervals we talk about them in a qualified manner and optimize our processes.
  6. We pay attention to health and well-being. This means that we pay attention to each other and we call each other’s attention to it when we realize that someone is not feeling well or someone does not dress according to the work or disregards the occupational health and safety regulations or does not take sufficient drinking breaks. We schedule the prayer times in our workflow. Safety always has priority and we train  according to German safety regulations. We ensure that we have enough time for rest and that we keep working hours.
  7. We are on time and keep appointments.
  8. We want trust to arise. We take as a basis agreements on a written basis, so that everyone knows what is expected of him and what he can expect. We use three types of agreements: a) Memorandum Of Undertanding, b) Employment contract and apprenticeship contract c) Business contract (purchase contract, offer, delivery note, invoice, sales contract, rental agreement, etc.) These are prepared for Gambian conditions.
  9. We help each other, we do not want to do everything on our own, we allow everyone’s commitment, we rely on each other’s strengths and, wherever possible, form teams, we work together with established and reliable partners in Gambia .
  10. We celebrate together. We want to use the small and big successes and special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries and celebrate them with simple means, with little effort. We want to thank God and all the people who accompany and support us.